beach-bums-and-days-in-the-sun: Can you please tell your followers that... Hello. My names Laura. I’m sick of the liars who say ‘i'll follow back’ or ‘i'll promote you’. But I’m being honest here, I check out every single blog that follows me, I follow all of them back, sometimes I send sweet messages, and I give out random promos everyday! If you give me a follow I swear you wont regret it. xoxo 

I wanna talk to youuuuu! (:

LOVE this! (:
Yeah, so…. Last night Dakota Laden retweeted me. Needless to say, I was extremely happy. I think I’ve only mentioned him in four tweets and three of them he’s favorited and this one that I tweeted last night, he retweeted it. Pretty crazy. He’s awesome. (:

Please go follow this blog, they follow backĀ similarĀ blogs! x


Free Horan hugs ?? Yess please xX

qd xx
I miss my red hair so much!!! :(

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